About Keti & Sam

Meet Dancer & Choreographer Keti Sharif & Percussionist & DJ Sam Nascimento!

The dynamic duo present exciting dance & drumming workshops online. Following their recent stay in Egypt where they researched & recorded a variety of traditional & rare rhythms with top Arabic musicians, Keti & Sam merged ideas & talents to usher in a new approach into the rhythm-dance-music connection. They enjoy working together as a creative team to offer a fresh, energized perspective to support both students & professionals interested in various Arabic musical cultures - old & new.

Both Keti & Sam have enjoyed a life-long immersion & passion for Arabic & World music & cultural dance arts. They believe that Arabic rhythms are the essential 'grass-roots' foundation of both Arabic music & dance. They teach participants how to understand, feel & integrate a variety of rhythms & their nuances. Their aim is to help dancers & drummers develop a stronger connection to the RHYTHMIC ESSENTIALS of Arabic music & movement.

Sam Nascimento

Sam (aka DJ Nas) introduced & pioneered Latin & world music & events Australia-wide. He held many long-term residencies, touring with international Grammy award-winning artists, as well as world-famous Latin dancers, He has played to audiences of thousands on a regular basis. Sam has recently shifted his focus to Arabic drumming & musical production. With Arabic lineage & having lived in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait & France in his youth, he recently returned to Egypt to explore the rhythms & music of his ancestors. Sam shares his deep knowledge of Arabic music & culture with new online resources & workshops.

In 2021 Sam is excited to share his knowledge with students around the world with new online darbuka courses.


Keti Sharif

Keti is the creator of A-Z Bellydance, which she developed in Egypt, during the time she lived there, for 20 years. She performed to live Arabic music since her teens, & has spent her entire career researching somatics & musicality for dancers, as well as working with countless musicians & artists in Egypt, including Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda & Shahira Mehrez. Keti's passion for bellydancing (Raqs Sharqi) & the Egyptian folkloric arts, blends with an interest in health & wellbeing. Her bellydance & fitness courses are taught in 40 countries & she has trained thousands of bellydance students, professional performers & teachers worldwide. Keti's new A-Z Bellydance courses also feature new classes with live rhythms played by Sam.

Keti has taught internationally for over 20 years and has over 4000 students around the world who have studied her A-Z methodology, AstroBelly or Pulse Elements. In 2022, she will be running the year-long A-Z Bellydance Traning study course.


Discover the Drum-Dance Connection with Keti & Sam!


40 Arabic Rhythms CD Resource

A double cd resource pack recorded in Cairo, with a bonus Egyptian Tabla Solos CD! Learn a variety of rhythms from Adani to Zorofat! Plus bonus tabla solo cd.


Perth Classes for Dancers

Join Keti for fun bellydance classes to deepen bellydance skills with live Arabic rhythms or darbuka lessons with Sam.


Coming Soon - Online Darbuka Classes

Sam teaches you how to play Arabic rhythms on darbuka. Courses coming soon, stay posted!

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